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Hangover Part III

I must admit I completely skipped the second chapter in the Hangover trilogy. While I found the first one to be hysterical, nothing I read or glimpsed of the second one left me with any desire to see it. By all accounts, it was a pale retread of the first and I stayed away.

I am not sure what piqued my interest about the third one, perhaps it was the hook of this being the finale, but I really wish I had skipped this one as well. Hangover III has no idea what it wants to be, and so it doesn’t really amount to much of anything. It does not approach the laugh quotient of the first one at all, and its crime story hook is flat and uninteresting. Let’s face it, did anyone really come into Hangover 3 looking for a straight crime caper? No, we wanted to laugh at our loveable wolf pack and their hi-jinks. Instead we get a mostly maudlin final adventure for our gang, with only the occasional chuckle included.

I won’t bog you down with details of the so-called plot. In a nutshell the gang is off to take Alan to a rehab, and are sidelined by their old friend/nemesis Chow who is now mixed up with a new criminal played by John Goodman.  The gang must return Goodman’s gold that Chow stole to save Doug, who is being held hostage…Hilarity then fails to ensue.

Zach Galifanakis as Alan does get a couple of laughs, but you have already seen most of them in commercials or previews. Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow spends the film running around shouting his curses and catchphrases without any real novelty or humor. Melissa McCarthy also gets a few laughs as a love interest for Alan, but she is not in the film long enough to pull it out of the mire.

Overall  this is a dull, humorless mess that is at most times more depressing than funny. I always appreciate dark humor–but this is just dark minus the humor. Rewatch the first one–it’s time much better spent.


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