“We may not think of them as such, but the stage, the screen, even television are magical temples. As we watch and listen we become living Triangles of Evocation. Laughter, tears and terror are literally evoked into us by the Magick of the play or film”

                    — The Magic of Aleister Crowley

                                                    by Lon Milo DuQuette

Film Reel

Film Reel (Photo credit: patricknease)

The Magic of film has enthralled  me from a young age. While the above quote references the power of the stage and television as well, for me personally it is film that evokes the greatest love. Ever since that  day in May at the wonderfully receptive age of five when my parents first took me to see Star Wars I have been hooked. The awe of that iconic opening shot stayed with me through our heroes victorious destruction of the death star. To this day, untold viewings later, it still gives me a thrill.

From there I have thrilled to many hours of action and drama, shuddered at acts of unspeakable evil and horror, laughed with delight or cried in sorrow within various temples built for us to bask in the glory of the silver screen. From the depths of my fascination with euro-horror to  my sheer joy and tears at seeing Tolkien’s world brought to life; From the enlightenment gleaned from a documentary to the sorrows shared over a long gone war, my love for film knows no end.

And so, my hope is that this blog will be my outlet to share just a little bit of what my passion for cinema has given me. I hope it is something that brings others a glimpse of that Magic feeling film provides for me when it wields its power to evoke emotion.

This is Living 24FPS.


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  1. Toby from the LWB ⋅

    Good luck with this!

  2. Xenolicker ⋅

    I sense a great force in you, human…

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